25 January 2008

Las Vegas

Here are some pics of our time in the city of Sin - Las Vegas. We stayed at South point Casino on the very far south of the strip. Our place was a fair way off and we had to catch a shuttle to the main strip but it was cheaper and pretty handy. We had a 50 inch plasma in our room which was good for in house porn - just kidding. We saw the strip which has all the big casinos and was much bigger than we thought. The Mandalay to the other end is about 6.5 miles which is a long way to walk. What you really notice about LV is the decadence. The casinos are massive and the hotels connected to them are huge and all the people inside are over the top. You have never seen so many surgically enhanced women, possibly prostitutes but possibly just normal LV chicks. We visited all the big places and went on a few rides rtoo, which are in the casinos. Probably one of the must see sites is the Belagio Fountain/water show which occurs ina massive man made lake. They have a bunch of computer controlled fountains which play to music. It has to be seen bu t is really excellent, and they have a new show every 15 minutes.

Of course we all won thousands of dollars and the house lost as per usual.

Las Vegas is an amazing display of distorted wealth and is a lot of fun for a short period.


The Luxor - amazing inside but not very popular


The snowy Sierra Nevadas on the way to Las Vegas


Out the Front of Excallibur


The fake eiffel tower


Inside Caesars Palace


The Venetian, which has real canals inside and gondolas and fake sky on the roof.


The fake sky of the Venetian looking very real


Liv and Downy in front of the Belagio Fountain lake.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously,did you gamble? And if you did I hope you won heaps :)