27 January 2008

Kennedy Space Centre

We also visited Kennedy Space centre at Cape Canaveral, florida while in Florida. It was about an hours drive from orlando on the east coast. One of the Space shuttles was actually on the Launch pad preparing to go for a flight some time in jan or feb. We did a tour which took us about on a bus and we saw the launch pads and where they do stuff with bits of the international space station, mission control etc. The space centre is massive and is mainly a large nature reserve, full of aligators, manitees (like dugongs), Vultures and other birds, wild pigs and more. It was a great day and we saw many cool things.


A fake shuttle out the front of the place


The Launch pad with the shuttle all set up and ready to go, you can only see the tip of the red Fuel tank though. This photo was taken from about 5 miles away.


The business end of the largest rocket ever built - a Saturn 7.


Two intrepid space travellers


A couple of Alligators by the side of the road.

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive. Those astronauts are so handsome! xxx