17 January 2008


Here we are finally in the US. We got into orlando florida and then after waiting for our luggage for 3 hrs went to panama city, florida the next day for our mate, matt’s, wedding. We had a brilliant time actching up with friends from uni like jeff and lauren and their new baby, joe. We also met matt’s fiance Kay and saw matty for the first time in 3 years. Panama city is a funny place like a movie eg deliverance, very laid back and a banjo playing on every corner, but a fun place to be in. Our hotel looked horrible but was actually on the water (water lapping at our window and was great inside. First arvo we went out for some oysters and a few drinks and about 10 hrs later, 300-400 oysters and enough beer to pickle a whale it was all over. We were taken to the local oyster bar where we met some local people (special) and had oyster dozens for 4-5 dollars a dozen (2.5£) we knocked back a load of them along with large jugs of Bud and then went to our hotels pub - The Buccaneer. This place went nuts with about 50-60 of us and we had a great night. Matt got pissed went for a walk and before we knew waht was happening all hell broke loose while people searched for him. It was great fun and the next day was slow to say the least.


Our rental car at our hotel, a brand new toyota highlander 34 miles on the clock


A dozen of the bext oysters i have ever had, with extra aphrodisiac on top


The veiw from our hotel


Jeff and lauren’s new baby - Joe


The oyster shack, really basic and a lot of fun and brilliant oysters for next to nothin.


The boys getting gassed at the oyster shack

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmm! Oysters! Glad you had such a fun time catching up with friends.