19 January 2008

San Diego

After Florida we flew to San Diego. We had two full days here, on one we went to the San Diego zoo and the other we did a bus tour of San Diego and then went over the border into Mexico to visit the rip off tourist Shit hole that is Tijuana. Below are some pics of San Diego as in Tijuana i would have probably been charged for taking a photo of anything.

San Diego was a great city right on the harbour where the US pacific naval fleet is based. While we were there the USS Nimitz Nuclear Air craft carrier was in. It is i Think one of the largest ships in the world and went 23 years on its first fueling. The nuclear reactor has apparently saved 11 billion barrels of oil - nice. There were also lots of helicopters in the area like sea haks and sea kings and chinooks. On the tour we did a boat cruise of the harbour. After about 10 minutes we noticed our guide was very interested in the navy and military and before the end of the cruise we thought he may well kidnap us all for the sake of american freedom, pride and peace and put us all to work on the Nimitz or any other freedom loving military vessel nearby. He was actually very interesting but a bit intense.


Seagull following our boat cruise for a feed


Sea lions being lazy


Overlooking the san diego coast


The Nuclear powered USS Nimitz - A nimitz class Aircraft carrier very large and full of Semen!

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Anonymous said...

Like I said, I do love the Navy. Where are the pics of all the sailors?? Looks like you are having a great time.