17 January 2008

Matt and Kays Wedding

The night before the wedding we had a practice at the church which was organised with military precision - quite amazing. all of the boys in the grooms party wore Tails and were lucky not to be wearing top hast and gloves too. On the day of the weddign we all had a great time and all our training from the wedding bootcamp the day before paid off and we got our manoeuvres right. The enemy defeated and incidentally Matt and Kay married we all went off to the big party, and big it was. The party was held at Kays parents house and was catered for 300-400 people. Cheap food like lobster bisque, crawfish etouffee, prawn cocktails, smoked salmon, oyster shooters, Moet bottles for all and a bar that had every conceivable spirit in triple servings awaited us. We of course were all very sedate and went home early after a few sherries - ha. It was new years eve so we were also given hats and horns and tiaras to celbrate. before long they must have been sorry about the horns as we were all going crazy especially jeff. They had a great band too and we all danced through the new years. Matt and kays weddign was great and they both looked great and had a great time.


Corinne looking cute


The group, corinne, lauren, jeff, matt, kay, downy, liv, Ben.


Corinne and lauren


Jeff on the horn, a real master blaster


Crazy eyes matt, jeff and downy, looking good in the tails


Lauren, joe - the calmest quietest baby in the world and jeff

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Anonymous said...

Great looking guests and groomsmen.The bride and groom weren't too bad either. All in all a very fab wedding :))