27 January 2008

Orlando Revisited - Disney World

We forgot to put a blog in about our time in Orlando, after Matt and Kay’s wedding and the beach house we had 3 days in Orlando. We spent 1 day at the Magic kingdom of Disney World and 1 day at Kennedy Space centre and 1 day relaxing and playing mini golf.

Disney world is massive and is made up of 5 kingdoms. You probably need at least 5-7 days to do them all and a lot of money too. The magic kingdom had all the disney characters and rides and stuff like that as well as people dressed up as Mickey etc. It was not really my thing but Corinne loved it. After a while you realise that most of the park is actually made up of large shops full of crappy overpriced merchandise and only a few rides. One ride we went on which was a space themed rollercoatser was absolutely amazing. It is based in a large building and is completely dark except for stars etc. you also ride one behind the other, very fast and can’t see where you are going at all. Every turn, dip and roll is a lot scarier when it is dark. I was gasping and screaming and swearing in amazement the whole time. We all came out agreeing that is probably one of the best rides we have ever been on. Another cool thing at DW were the Turkey legs. The food stall sell roasted turkey legs that are massive and weigh about 1 kg, pretty tasty too.


Fireworks over the Famous Castle


Downy and me eating a Turkey leg


Corinne in front of the Castle


The whole lot of them dancing about on the stage being very jolly.


Me and Dumbo or Dumbo and me.

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Anonymous said...

I agree about the expense, but it's worth it, to have a childhood dream realised. Long live Disney!