19 January 2008

The USS Midway, San Diego

On the day we left San Diego for Las Vegas we did a quick tour of the USS Midway an older aircraft carrier that was actually built around 1945 but had been upgraded over the years and had only finished working in the late 80’s or early 90’s something like that. It is the second most visited military museum in the US after the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. It is very cool and you get to walk all around the ship which housed something like 4500 people and a bunch of planes/jets, guns etc. The seamen lived in very cramped quarters but after visiting the kitchen got a lot of nice food 23 hrs per day. This carrier has carried everything from WWII piston planes like bearcats to f18’s and f4 phantoms etc modern jets.


Corinne in the brig - bad, bad girl


Downy relaxing in his spacious apartment


The rear gunner of a Dauntless WWII Bomber/Torpedo aircraft


An F14 Tomcat, a common aircraft carrier Fighter but not actually used on the Midway


An F4 Phantom fighter/bomber - did a lot of work in the Vietnam war era.


An A6 Intruder


The bridge or something of the Midway, where all the controls are.

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Anonymous said...

I just love the Navy. Makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood and teenage years. Great museum.