27 January 2008

More Yosemite Pics


Ice Crystals


On our walk to Mirror Lake, Liv, Downy and Corinne


An ice crystal hanging from moss, we saw some real big ones about a metre long.


El Capitan from a different Angle.


An As yet unidentified animal track in the snow near our house. There were many different types of tracks, we think we saw deer, cats, dogs and near the bins - Black bear tracks, they were huge. Near Yosemite village we saw a Bobcat which is a like a large domestic cat but very stocky, no tail and bigger, with pointy ear fur.


An Acorn Woodpecker - There were tonnes of woodpeckers about, you could hear them pecking all the time.


A Steller’s Jay - A very feisty little guy that squawked at us when we sat on his rock but was happy to eat some of our bread - very brave, good looking little guy.


Corinne and Liv jumping off a bridge into the snow.

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Anonymous said...

Love those birds inc. the human ones :) xxx