27 January 2008

Yosemite NP

Yosemite National park in north Eastern California is one of the Best places we have ever been. It is an amazingly beautiful natural place that is full of wildlife and great sites, views etc. We arrived here after driving form the desserts of Las Vegas. Suddenly we started driving up and out of the dry flat dessert, leaving the Joshua trees and into the conifers and pines. Before long we were at 5000-6000 feet and in the high Sierras. As soon as we arrived in the Park we saw White tailed deer and mule deer, Coyotes, wood peckers, Bald Eagles, Mountain Quail ands many more animals. The views are classic and as soon as we entered the park we had a great view of El Capitan and Half Dome which are very famous great monoliths as well as rock climbing meccas. We had brilliant weather while we were there and had great views of everything. We rented an awesome 3 bedroom house with veranda overlooking the valley. We went for a few walks up to Mirror Lake and also down to the Merced grove of Giant Sequoias. The big trees were great, very large but a bitch of a walk in deep snow.


A friendly Coyote, looking for food, from people in cars.


Corinne standing between two Giant Sequoias - a 2 mile walk that took about 3 hrs, in deep cold snow.


Sunset from Rocky point Cottage


El Capitan on the left and Half Dome on the right in the distance.


A Mule Deer, I think.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics. Those trees are amazing!xxx